Feb 23 2015

This limits any potential spread of bacteria and provides additional ease and convenience while sealing in chicken juices and flavour. The Mistral flow-wrapper is built in stainless steel to food industry standards and is designed on a balcony basis for ease of washdown. Feed belts, including the powered infeed to the sealing section, are removable for deep cleansing, off-machine. In addition to standard flow-wrapping, the Mistral can be equipped to create gussets in the film for a neater appearance while the PFM Steelo four-side seal system can also be employed, giving lengthways ribbing for more distinctive branding.

Italian manufacturer PFM has announced a new version of its Mistral flow-wrapper, specially tailored to handle whole fresh chickens in ovenable film for “roast-in-the-bag” presentation, now being adopted by major retailers.
Equipped with a special long-dwell D-cam sealing system, and capable of modified atmosphere packaging, the machine provides an hermetically sealed pack that eliminates any need for consumers to handle raw chicken.banner_cx_horizontal_mistralba

PFM’s Mistral flow-wrapper is now available in a new version to pack whole fresh chickens in ovenable film for improved hygiene


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