Vertical baggers generally package loose items such as grated cheese, frozen vegetables, rice and more. The product flows into the packaging vertically and is sealed in a bag then transferred away. The quality of the finished package achievable with a PFM vertical bagger has significant visual appeal, which can contribute considerably to its presentation in the market and its ease of storage. Emrich is the exclusive Australasian distributor for the full range of PFM’s vertical baggers, which are well known for their reliability, efficiency, safety and ease of use. Based in Italy, PFM is highly regarded for its innovation and product quality. Its vertical baggers can create more than 30 styles of packaging options, from traditional pillow bags, zip resealable bags, to stand up bags with square bottoms, to name just a few. PFM vertical packaging machines can integrate with MBP multi-head weighers, dosing systems and linear weighers. Our experienced technical team can advise you on the best choice of packaging machine to suit your requirements. We also carry a significant stock of genuine spare parts, and our responsive and knowledgeable service team will keep your equipment running at optimum performance.

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High-Performing Vertical Bagger

Are you looking for a trustworthy vertical bagger machine that makes perfect quality packaged bags?

At Emrich, we bring you a comprehensive range of vertical bagger machines suited to a variety of applications in all kinds of industries. All our specialized bagging machines are sourced from well-known manufacturers from Europe and the US.

Our team of expert technicians is proficient in handling the latest types of vertical baggers in the market and can recommend you the best one that suits your business needs. Whether you need traditional pillow bags, brick packs, stand up bags, or zip resealable bags, we can provide you with an ideal vertical bagger machine.

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What Vertical Baggers do we offer?

With over three decades of experience in the packaging industry, we at Emrich have established business relations with trusted international companies. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for the well-known Italian companies, PFM Group and Pentavac. Both these companies are global leaders when it comes to innovative and quality vertical form fill and seal machines. We supply a wide range of vertical bagger machines from PFM and Pentavac. These are ergonomic, safe, and easy to use.

To view the complete list of our exclusive vertical baggers, get in touch with us.

What are the special features of the vertical bagger machines we offer?

  • Uses advanced vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) technology for precise packaging.
  • Automatic, highly-durable, and user-friendly.
  • Suitable for both continuous and intermittent productions.
  • Works with all kinds of flexible materials like polyethylene, polyester, polyethylene, paper, polypropylene, etc.
  • High-yield rate and rapid packaging.
  • Efficient filling and sealing systems.
  • Quick configuration changes for large scale productions and reduced downtime.
  • Quality finished products with a high visual appeal for increased brand imaging.
  • Easy to integrate with different types of weighers and dosing systems.
  • Easy to clean and cost-effective maintenance.

Can our vertical baggers be customized?

All our vertical bagger machines can be customized as per the style of vertical packaging you require. They can be combined with suitable adjustable feeding, sealing, weighing, and dosing systems to get accurate results. 

Where can vertical bagging be used?

Vertical bagging can be used for the packaging of loose dry items like rice, frozen vegetables, tea, coffee beans, nuts, breakfast cereals, pasta, confectionery, snacks, chemical powders, etc. Our vertical baggers provide you with as many as 30 packaging styles options which can be used in a large number of industries

Why choose Emrich?

At Emrich, we focus on researching and bringing in the most hi-tech and relevant vertical bagger machines that suit all your requirements. Customers employ us because of the following reasons:

  • Easy commissioning and seamless installation.
  • Training on proper usage.
  • Quick technical support in case of emergencies.
  • After-sales maintenance services, both on-site and remote.
  • 12-years warranty on all vertical bagger machines.
  • Available stock of authentic replacement parts.
  • Nominal pricing for peace of mind.

If you want to discuss your vertical bagging requirements with one of our experts, call us today!


vertical bagger machine packages loose items like rice or frozen vegetables into bags. The product is filled into the bag vertically and then sealed. These machines are known for their visual appeal and ease of storage, making them an ideal choice for various packaging needs.
Vertical bagger machines are commonly used to package loose, dry items like rice, frozen vegetables, tea, coffee beans, nuts, cereals, pasta, confectionery, snacks, chemical powders, etc. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries.
Yes, there are different models and types of vertical bagger machines available. These machines vary in terms of packaging styles they can create, like pillow bags, brick packs, stand-up bags, or zip resealable bags, catering to various packaging needs.
Vertical bagger machines can handle various flexible materials like polyethylene, polyester, paper, polypropylene, etc. They can work with different bag sizes and are suitable for both continuous and intermittent productions.
The production speed of a vertical bagger machine varies, but they are generally designed for high-yield and rapid packaging. Their efficient filling and sealing systems ensure quick production, are suitable for large-scale operations, and reduce downtime.
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