Vertical baggers generally package loose items such as grated cheese, frozen vegetables, rice and more. The product flows into the packaging vertically and is sealed in a bag then transferred away. The quality of the finished package achievable with a PFM vertical bagger has significant visual appeal, which can contribute considerably to its presentation in the market and its ease of storage. Emrich is the exclusive Australasian distributor for the full range of PFM’s vertical baggers, which are well known for their reliability, efficiency, safety and ease of use. Based in Italy, PFM is highly regarded for its innovation and product quality. Its vertical baggers can create more than 30 styles of packaging options, from traditional pillow bags, zip resealable bags, to stand up bags with square bottoms, to name just a few. PFM vertical packaging machines can integrate with MBP multi-head weighers, dosing systems and linear weighers. Our experienced technical team can advise you on the best choice of packaging machine to suit your requirements. We also carry a significant stock of genuine spare parts, and our responsive and knowledgeable service team will keep your equipment running at optimum performance.

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