Tray erectors are packaging machines that automatically form a tray around products. More and more retailers insist on shelf ready packaging, and Emrich offers a number of tray erectors that capably satisfy this requirement. BOIX tray erectors (from Spain) and ADCO tray erectors (from the US) are highly regarded for their durability, ease-of-cleaning and high speed productivity. They work by forming a cardboard tray around a defined number of individual products. Date and batch stamping can be incorporated if desired. Tray erectors are useful in a range of industries, including produce, meat and poultry and, of course, general food and beverage. We can also help keep your tray erectors operating at optimum efficiency through our expert technical support services, available Australia-wide.

Review our range or talk to the experts at Emrich to identify the best choice of tray erector for your application.

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