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At Emrich, we believe the quality of our people and our equipment combine to make us the winning package. Our service team consists of talented and enthusiastic engineers with unrivalled knowledge and skills in the specialised area of packing technology.

STEVE RICHARDSON, Managing Director
Steve spent seven years working in and learning about the packaging machinery industry before starting Emrich in 1986. He has a special attachment to the business, regarding it as his fifth child. Having raised it for over 30 years he considers the staff, suppliers and many customers as part of the Emrich family, and feels fortunate to work with some great people. Steve is particularly aware of the important role Emrich’s products serve for its customers in enabling them to achieve business success.

Having reliable and high quality packaging is critical to all of our customers. With every installation, we think of it as a long term partnership and we bring honesty, integrity and a lot of effort into our relationship, helping to get the best solution for our clients every time.”
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CHRIS JOHNSON, Engineering Manager
Chris is renowned for his ability to understand a client’s objective and to deliver a solution to match. Chris oversees all of Emrich’s projects, ensuring that all levels of the business are coordinated and providing clients with consistent service of the highest quality and value. He also provides phone support to customers, assists with the installing and commissioning of new equipment, services existing equipment, responds to breakdowns and more. Having worked with Emrich for many years, Chris is trade qualified in Electrical / Instrumentation.

Clients appreciate the level of care that we commit to every job. We take the time to listen to their needs and deliver a product that will help them achieve their business objectives.”
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MARK SUTTON, Senior Service Consulting Engineer
Mark coordinates the follow-up response to any service visits and provides phone help and general customer support. Mark has worked in the packaging industry for over a decade and enjoys building a strong rapport with clients and delivering on their expectations. Renowned for his honesty and care, clients appreciate Mark’s dedication to ensuring their satisfaction with Emrich’s products.

“I keep a client’s objectives firmly in mind whenever I provide advice or assistance and work to ensure the best result for their business.”
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PETER MEDCALFE, Senior Service Consulting Engineer
Peter has worked with Emrich for nearly 20 years helping clients’ optimise their production levels with Emrich machinery. Friendly and approachable, Peter is involved in installing, commissioning, servicing and assisting with machinery breakdowns and is also on hand to assist clients with sales enquiries. Peter is apprenticed trained in mechanical engineering and holds qualifications in electrical and electronic engineering.

“I like to think that our clients feel happy to call on my services to assist them with any issues that they may be having with their Emrich-supplied equipment, as well as how they can improve production with additional equipment or streamlining the production process”
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SAM BERLINGERI, Service Technician and Consultant
Sam spent most of his working life in the food industry and as such has developed significant expertise in high-speed wrapping machines, carton formers, gluers and other kinds of packaging machinery.

“Responding to challenges and achieving the seemingly impossible is what I most enjoy about my job I love that I am able to keep my clients happy and assist with the productivity of their business.”
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TARA MURNANE, Administration Manager
Tara is well known for her friendly manner and memory for faces. Having been with Emrich for over a decade, Tara has performed a number of roles including bookkeeping and managing spare parts enquiries and orders.

The best thing about working for Emrich is the great people I get to work with, including customers and suppliers. I enjoy helping customers with their inquiries and learning about the new parts and the equipment they’re part of.”
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MATTHEW RICHARDSON, Special Projects Manager
Matthew is involved in almost all facets in the Emrich business, heading up the spare parts department and working on a variety of special projects. The spare parts role is one that is particularly dynamic, ensuring that correct parts are in stock and can be delivered quickly can mean a great deal to our customers.

“I love the diversity of what we do. Each application can be very different and this makes things very interesting.”
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NEIL HOWDEN, Fitter and Turner
Neil is a qualified fitter and turner with many years’ experience working in food manufacturing, packaging, and pharmaceuticals. His strong machine troubleshooting abilities and calm disposition make him a valuable asset to all of our valued customers.


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