Jun 04 2014

Pearl 001

Within days of committing to display a range of PFM Packaging Machinery at Foodpro, unprecedented machine sales saw a very quick withdrawal from the exhibition. The stand was to have showcased PFM’s new Pearl Servo cantilevered flow-wrapper, the ever-popular PFM Hurricane Servo “Extra Wide” flow-wrapper, the PFM ZC1 combination VFFS Bagger/Multihead weigher and the recently updated Nemesis HSC350 combination Checkweigher/Metal Detector.

 With the recent spate of contracts awarded by the “Big 3” supermarkets, Emrich was forced to commit the exhibition machines to customers requiring urgent installations. The sales of a further 23 lines to every state in Australia and to Fiji meant there was no chance to have replacement exhibition stock in time for Foodpro.

 Emrich Sales Manager, Michael Richardson, said “It is always unfortunate to miss an opportunity to engage with customers at a quality exhibition like Foodpro. However our ongoing commitment to maintaining PFM Packaging Machinery stock so that our customers can move into new contracts quickly is always going to take priority. We’ll be at Foodpro next time!”

 It is a tough inventory balancing act at Emrich presently. PFM have another 15 stock machines currently under construction and some machines will be sent via airfreight to cover any urgent customer requirements. If you have the potential need for new wrappers and baggers over the next few months, speak to the Emrich Team about holding stock for you.

Michael Richardson


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