At Emrich, we recognise the critical role that packaging plays in meeting your business objectives. That’s why we only deal in proven packaging equipment that satisfies our stringent standards for performance, reliability, quality of output and value for money. It’s also why we invest significantly in our people, supporting them with specialised training and attendance at international trade events. This gives us unrivalled technical knowledge in all aspects of packaging equipment and ensures we keep up-to-date with emerging trends and innovations in packaging technology. “Each day we help our customers by advising on, implementing and maintaining packaging solutions for every type of product you can think of,” says Emrich’s Managing Director Steve Richardson. “One day we can be designing a packaging solution for frozen hamburgers, and the next we could be talking about packaging cosmetics. Packaging for different products will have different considerations, from the environment in which the packaging will occur, to the dimensions of the product, to the scale of production and the throughput required and more. This is where our customers benefit significantly from our thirty years’ experience, because we know the right questions to ask and the factors to consider in making our recommendation for the best choice in packaging equipment.”

When you buy packaging machinery from Emrich, our experienced engineers will commission it, setting it up to match your precise requirements. We also provide full training so you can obtain full value from the machinery as quickly as possible. We’re also well known for our fast and responsive technical support – either in person throughout Australia, or via phone or dial in diagnostics (where fitted). “Our customers often say that we act more like a partner in their business than simply a supplier,” says Steve. “We understand that keeping their packaging processes flowing smoothly is vital to their performance and profitability, and the quality of our products, advice and service standards reflects this.

For more information about how Emrich can provide your business with highly effective packaging solutions, talk to us today. 

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