Sep 16 2014

Dental SticksPFM apply the experience they have gained in the pet food industry to the manufacture of a further feeding and packaging line for dog dental sticks, comprising of a SCIROCCO BB packaging machine complete with triple-lane RACE TRACK feeder system.

Customer Requirements:

A line that fits into a limited space and can load products arriving from 2 cutters and wrap them in 4, 6, 7 and 8-piece packaging formats.

Production speeds:

  • up to 150 4-stick packs a minute
  • up to 140 6-stick packs a minute
  • up to 120 7-stick packs a minute
  • up to 110 8-stick packs a minute


The technological challenge:

To produce a line which is compact in layout and size, ideal for a confined space, with a single packaging machine able to flexibly handle production arriving from upstream and continuously produce high speed packs in different formats, whilst removing the problem of empty packs and downtime due to lack of product.

PFM Line

The PFM solution:Solution

PFM have designed a feed packaging line comprising of two triple-lane race tracks, a PFM SCIROCCO BB horizontal packaging machine and labelling machine placed at 90° featuring automatic reel change.


Advantages over the Competition:

The conventional 2-lane race track feeder systems by design result in empty packs due to waiting times between the product from the processing line being loaded and discharged onto the packaging machine feeder belt. The PFM system adds a buffer lane of stationary product waiting to be discharged thereby creating a continuous flow in and out.

The PFM SCIROCCO alone can easily handle continuous production and features extremely fast format changeovers.







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