Jul 19 2016

It’s all about Australian-ness

The government’s new Country of Origin food labelling scheme that commenced on 1 July 2016, will most likely impact you as a business and as an Australian consumer. It’s all about strengthening the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo as well as helping consumers make a clear and informed choice in their purchase decisions.

Food manufacturers are urged to be more transparent about the origin of their ingredients and take on board the option to list the main ingredients of their products.  At Emrich, we welcome the government’s commitment to giving shoppers better information about the ‘Australian-ness’ of their food choices.

Proudly Aussie

As a 3rd generation Australian owned family business, we’re committed in strengthening the Australian brand.  Steve Richardson and his father Gavin began Emrich in Perth in 1986, and successfully expanded to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with Michael and Matthew Richardson joining the family business.  After 3 decades, Emrich has established itself as a leading innovative packaging solutions company and serves customers  in capital cities and remote and regional areas throughout Australia.

When you choose Emrich as your packaging machinery specialist, you’re supporting the Australian brand and our local economy.  We provide employment for Australians and all the profits remain here, helping the future of our country.


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