Aug 04 2010

Emrich has recently sold three Aranow stick pack machines into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Spanish company Aranow is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of multi lane stick pack machines for a wide range of industry segments; the product range includes equipment for filling dairy products to ice sticks to popular free flowing granular product such as sugar sticks commonly seen in cafes and restaurants.
The machines sold into the local market include two 15 lane machines for filling granular product; the machine used was an Aranow ARAfrom. More information on this machine can be found at the Aranow website

Emrich is supplying these machines into the local market either as a standalone piece of machinery or as part of a turnkey filling and packing line. As part of our expansion into secondary packaging Emrich can now offer the Aranow filler coupled with cartoners, case packers and robotic palletisers. Please contact us for further information

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