Feb 12 2014

As Emrich’s Engineering Manager, Chris Johnson oversees all of our projects.

Prior to joining Emrich in 2007, Chris built an impressive list of industry experience in packaging machinery, working with brands including Nestle (Peter’s Icecream), Kraft Foods, Visy Packaging, Nylex and Heinz Watties.

Chris first came into contact with Emrich in 2005 as a subcontractor. “My first task was to wire up the PFM Hurricane flow wrappers,” he said. “From there we then went on to build the whole machine, and then I assisted with various installations and so on.”

Today one of Chris’s key responsibilities is to come up with packaging equipment solutions for the unique challenges faced by clients. With plenty of experience to draw on, Chris is highly regarded for his ability to understand the details of what’s required and to advise on and recommend the best solution.

Currently about 80% of Emrich’s packaging equipment goes into the food industry. “Examples of projects I’ve recently been involved in have been auto timing meat patties into flow wrappers, as well as many applications in horizontal and vertical packaging for cheese. We’ve also completed several installations in fresh produce packaging (naked and in trays) and of course we do a large amount of ongoing work in the baking industry.”

A typical day for Chris can include building, installing and commissioning new equipment, providing phone support to customers, co-ordinating and managing the work of the service team, assisting with specifications for new machine sales, responding to breakdowns and running trials and machine demos.

What I enjoy best is the variety of each day and seeing the great results of our work in action,” said Chris. “The partnerships we share with our clients and suppliers are also really satisfying.”

Having travelled overseas regularly to visit Emrich’s international suppliers and trade events, Chris has seen many innovations in packaging machinery that will continue to improve the capability Emrich offers. “I was excited to see the speed at which the new lines are now running, and also many new fascinating trends in packaging that we will most likely see in Australia and New Zealand soon.”

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