Jul 09 2011

MBP was founded in 1980 and joined the PFM Group in 2002. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of multi-head / combination weighers with from 8 to 24 heads.

Outstanding precision and weighing speeds, flexibility, reliability, zero maintenance and ease of cleaning place MBP multi-head / combination weighers at the cutting edge of current mechanical, hardware and software technology.

With annual sales increasing at the rate of 20 per cent, MBP now spends 10 per cent of turnover on research and development, reflected in ever increasing technical and performance standards.

In 2006 the company introduced the revolutionary Series C2 multi-head / combination weighers and in 2008 launched the Series C3 multi-head / combination weighers which represents the highest level of technology and performance available on the market today. The Series C1 is an entry-level budget multi-head / combination weighers featuring the know-how applied to MBP’s top-of-range weighers.

In 2009 MBP introduced the Series C4 linear multi-head / combination weighers aimed specifically at fragile products.

Multi-head / combination weigher’s performance relies on correct choice and perfect operation of the large number of mechanical, software and hardware components to give accuracy, safety over time, guaranteed hygiene.

Ten major assets of MBP multi-head / combination weighers are:

1. Vibrating (or rotating) central plate equipped with load cell to maintain a consistent quantity of product available and guarantee optimum distribution of product over the surrounding channels. The Vibcontrol system maintains a constant vibrating capacity regardless of the amount of product present.

2. Perfect operation and control of the vibrating bases, which reduce weight regeneration times to a minimum.

3. New generation load cells with temperature compensation systems featuring extremely high speeds and highly accurate weighing.

4. Extremely efficient automatic environment vibration annulment system to prevent vibrations interfering with and altering digital weighing data. The multi-head / combination weigher works in real time and are extremely precise.

5. High speed opening/closing of pre-dosing and weighing buckets with acceleration/deceleration ramps adjustable to suit the product.

6. Highly developed software that consists of a wide range of combination calculation and automatic control functions operating in real time for all the multi-head / combination weighers’s parameters. These adapt to changing products and working environments.

7. High capacity, real time CAN-Open type hardware architecture. Electromagnetic interference annulment system; secondary functions can be decentralised with the advantage of reducing the time taken from data collection to processing to a minimum. The multi-head / combination weighers can be connected to external modem.

8. The multi-head / combination weighers has prime quality AISI 304 tubular stainless steel support frame with rounded corners. Easily accessible, single, dehumidified electronic control panel that complies with international safety regulations.

9. Powerful, stable processor that guarantees high performance with real-time control of all multi-head / combination weigher processes.

10. Constant control over relative humidity inside the multi-head / combination weighers to ensure greater stability of the hardware and mechanical components, with the added advantage of lengthening the components life.

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