Feb 14 2014

pfm-headquartersEmrich’s Packaging Engineer Matthew Richardson gained valuable industry insights during two-month’s intensive training at PFM’s factory in Leeds, UK at the end of 2013.

“The purpose of the training was to expand my knowledge of their machinery, and in particular, how they operate their spare parts and service,” said Matthew. “It was very interesting to see how a company as large and successful as PFM goes about its spare parts, service, maintenance and logistics business.”

PFM is renowned as a world-class manufacturer of quality packaging machinery used worldwide by food and non-food industries. Headquartered in Italy, PFM also has factories in the UK, US, China, Germany, Russia and Spain.

“Because Emrich supplies and services a range of packaging equipment from a variety of brands to customers throughout Australasia, our spare parts operations are critically important,” said Matthew. “The scale of PFM’s operations is much bigger than what we have here in Australia so it was very useful to see their processes first hand over an extended period. There are many ideas I brought back that we are now applying in the way we operate that section of our business.”

During his trip, Matthew also visited PFM’s factory in Torrebelvicino in northern Italy. “It was fascinating to see the new trends in packaging and packaging equipment being used in Europe, particularly regarding cheese and dairy product packaging,” he said. “I’ll enjoy sharing this knowledge at future trade shows here in Australia.”

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