Oct 16 2010

During October the Australian dollar reached its highest level against the US dollar since the currency was floated in December 1983 resulting in greatly reduced prices of imported goods including packaging machinery and automation.

If you have been quoted by Emrich industries in the past few month now is the perfect time to revisit this pricing as in many cases the price of imported goods from the USA and Asia have significantly dropped.

If you have been considering any automation or packaging now is the ideal time to speak to Emrich Industries and automate your processes at a lower cost. Emrich has a comprehensive range of case and tray erecting, cartoning equipment, case packing and palletising solutions to help you increase efficiency and profitability.
PackExpo in Chicago also takes place early next month and Emrich will be there to source solutions for a record number of clients; if you would like us to explore innovative packaging solutions for your business please drop us a line; sales@emrich.com.au

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