Mar 30 2013

Emrich Media Release – 19 March 2013
Emrich to showcase the latest in packaging at AUSPACK PLUS 2013
Experts from leading Australasian packaging equipment supplier Emrich and its overseas suppliers will present the latest in packaging machinery at the upcoming AUSPACK PLUS 2013 expo in May. Several exciting new packaging solutions that are soon to hit our shores will also be unveiled.

Combining specialist experience with superior design, Emrich provides packaging equipment solutions for food and non-food products, sourced from quality suppliers worldwide.

A selection of Emrich’s range of packaging machinery will be on display at AUSPACK PLUS 2013, Australia’s International Exhibition of Packaging and Processing Machinery, Materials and Associated Technology from 7 to 10 May, 2013 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.
“Our packaging equipment ensures products are wrapped hygienically, safely and efficiently, offering optimum protection to the product,” said Steve Richardson, Emrich’s Managing Director. “At AUSPACK, we’re looking forward to presenting several new trends in packaging, particularly for the bakery, dairy and fresh produce industries. These include re-closable cheese packs and a machine that fills and seals pots of yoghurt.”

Local and international packaging experts from Emrich and its suppliers will be on hand at the expo to answer questions and help attendees find a packaging solution to perfectly meet their product and business requirements.

“With thirty years’ experience in advising in and providing top quality packaging equipment for food and general products, our team can offer many practical insights into the best approach to use for packaging different styles of products,” said Mr Richardson. “We know the right questions to ask to help identify the most appropriate packaging machinery to deliver on each company’s objectives.”

Emrich will display equipment catering to both food and general products at AUSPACK PLUS 2013.

“Emrich’s products are innovative, efficient and reliable and can be tailored to the specific needs of different products,” said Mr Richardson. “We are very pleased to showcase our range and demonstrate exactly how our products maximise output and efficiency in our clients’ businesses,” he said.
Perfect for packaging products such as yogurt or dips, the Rotary Cup Filler 200 Series from Trepko UK is just one of Emrich’s products on display at AUSPACK.
Also featured will be the AN300 Stickpack Machine from Aranow, Spain, a packaging solution well suited for dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and condiments.
Italian manufacturer PFM will present its Hurricane Servo Flow Wrapper which can be used to package all kinds of baking products as well as fresh foods and fruits. PFM’s ZC1 Combination Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger which can be used to package a vast range of foods as well as all general products will be on display. Both products are available in Australasia through Emrich.

Emrich will also display the 15D105-IM-SS Horizontal End-Load Cartoner from ADCO, USA. Highly versatile and durable, this machine can be used to package dry and dairy products, and to make wrapped foods ready for distribution.

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