Feb 29 2012

Emrich Industries offer rentals for all PFM and ADCO Packaging Machinery. From Horizontal Flow Wrappers, Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers and MBP Multi-head Weighers to ADCO End-Load Cartoners.


Emrich Industries Rent-To-Buy is the perfect solution for companies who want to keep their options open, as you aren’t locked in to any long-term contracts. We have rental terms from as little as 12 months so that your business has optimum flexibility.


Companies with limited CapEx facilities or a freeze on CapEx. Customers with annual budgetary purchasing capital that do not wish  to spend it all at once.  Companies entering a new market and wish to defer purchase.  Companies wanting to try before they buy.


Access the latest, state-of-the-art packaging machines from two of the world’s leading manufacturers.  Fix your monthly rental costs and make it easier for your business to forecast cashflow.  Defer CapEx restrictions.  Free up valuable working capital for other projects. Use monthly payments as operational expenditure.  Buy or simply return the machinery after the contract with no penalty.  Continue to rent at the end of your contract.  Upgrade the machinery if you need extra capacity.  Deduct the full cost of rentals from taxable income.
“Off Balance Sheet” renting doesn’t affect your ability to borrow for future expansion.

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