Sep 30 2011

Emrich has long been known for its equipment supporting the Produce and Food Industries with primary packaging equipment including horizontal flow wrapping and vertical form fill seal; for over 25 years Emrich has supplied this equipment to an extensive range of customers.

Earlier this year Emrich was awarded the exclusive ADCO Manufacturing agency which has expanded the product range to cover secondary packaging machinery including cartoners and corrugated equipment. Along with this Emrich now has access to a wide range of tray forming equipment used to erect and form trays currently used in the meat and produce industries.

From P84 style trays, used in the produce industry, to end slotted trays used extensively in the meat industry, Emrich is now able to supply solid solutions for the forming and stacking of this packaging. Emrich has also invested in technical staff to ensure this new product range is well supported and that we can ensure the equipment performs at a high level of efficiency moving forward.

Emrich is also able to supply equipment to assist in the forming of trays for ‘shelf ready’ applications that are becoming popular in the major Australian supermarket chains.

If you would like to hear more about this range of tray forming equipment, be it to replace existing equipment, service existing equipment or specifying equipment for a new application please contact us to arrange an appointment. Emrich is able to supply recommendations on the machine and packaging to ensure the solution is right for your business.

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