Sep 02 2010

KMG INC. has been developing, manufacturing and distributing, domestically and internationally, various kinds of environmentally friendly pallet adhesives. The unique anti-slip products for pallet stabilsing is Slip Stop. This product is distributed in Australia by Emrich Industries who stock not only the consumable product but also a range of applicator designed to suit a variety of installations.
The product itself has been developed and manufactured to a high quality and competitive price to provide a unique and cost effective solution for stabilising pallets of cartons/shrink wrapped product and a range of other packaging mediums.

Emrich has taken on the supply of this product to provide an environmentally and cost effective alternative to traditional shrink wrapping solutions that require expensive consumables, capital equipment and generally speaking an increase in labour to complete this task.

Please contact Emrich Industries for find out more and set up a trial of the product in your facility. We can also provide cost comparison against your current pallet stabilising solution.

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