Jul 18 2013

When Australian cheese processor and supplier Di Rossi Foods needed a new vertical form fill packaging machine and weigher, they turned to a supplier with a proven track record, Emrich Packaging Machinery Pty Ltd.

Di Rossi Foods based in Victoria, Australia, are processors and suppliers of a wide range of quality cheeses and cheese products to the wholesale market.

With high throughput processing, the company needed a vertical form fill and seal packaging machine along with a multi-head weigher that offered reliability and consistency in performance.

“The machine we wanted to replace was from another supplier, and was only two years old when we took the decision to replace it,” said Di Rossi Foods’ General Manager Jim Leckey. “It had required constant adjustment by our operators and so we were looking for equipment that would overcome this problem. Critical to our decision was that the replacement equipment had to offer exceptional reliability and consistency in weight control.”

The machinery Mr Leckey chose was the Italian designed and manufactured PFM Zenith vertical form fill and seal packaging machine, and PFM’s MBP C2 Series multi-head weigher, both supplied by Emrich Packaging Machinery Pty Ltd.

“We’d purchased from Emrich before and had a good experience with their packaging equipment and services,” said Mr Leckey. “Purchasing the PFM Zenith and multi-head weigher has proven to be a good decision. The machinery has been faultless, and offers really dependable performance. Its speed and accuracy have impacted very favourably on our profitability.”

Mr Leckey said that technical support requirements had been minimal in the twelve months Di Rossi Foods has been using the new equipment, and that the Emrich support team had been happy to call out for a few onsite adjustments to ensure the machinery was running as effectively as possible.

“Another advantage has been that the PFM machinery is very easy to use and maintain,” he said. “Introducing them to our operations definitely put a smile on our operators’ faces.”

Di Rossi Foods use the PFM Zenith vertical form fill and seal packaging machine and multi-head weigher to pack shredded cheese in a range of different packaging sizes.

Emrich Packaging Machinery Pty Ltd specialise in high performance packaging equipment. Their range is sourced from premium suppliers worldwide. Contact us for more information about our range of packing equipment solutions.

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