Emrich packaging equipment offers exceptional reliability, efficiency, safety and hygiene for packaging all types of fresh produce. For horizontal flow-wrappers to vertical baggers with weighers and more, we have the perfect product to match your requirements. Fresh food producers looking for a superior wrapping solution for everything from apples, whole lettuces, loose salad leaves, pears, carrots – in fact, any type of fresh produce you can think of – we’re the people with the expertise to guide and advise you. We draw on more than three decades’ experience in assisting producers throughout Australia with packaging equipment that delivers on efficiency, durability, ease of use and safety. Our technical skills and knowledge are second to none, and we provide fast and responsive onsite support throughout Australasia – including major cities and regional and remote areas. We’re also renowned for our secondary packaging equipment that will help get your fresh produce to market in optimum condition.

We’d be pleased to discuss with you what you’re looking for in packaging equipment for fresh produce. Contact Emrich today and benefit from our specialist expertise in this vitally important area.

Read about how we’ve helped others in your industry find the right packaging solution –  Our Experience

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