Feb 25 2017

Australians are busier than ever, but they’re also taking more of an interest in their health and nutrition. No longer satisfied with zapping a frozen meal after a busy work day – consumers are demanding fresh, delicious and healthy meals and snacks, conveniently delivered to their door, in perfect condition.

It might sound like a lot to ask, but Emrich’s client Youfoodz is providing all this and more for their fast-growing customer base in Australia. The Queensland company has only been around since 2012, but because of their professionalism in marketing, product, packaging and distribution, Youfoodz is already a dominant and rapidly growing presence in the delivered meal industry.

Because Youfoodz offers their 20,000+ customers a range of different food formats (including meals, drinks and snacks), their packaging requirements are extensive. But rather than purchase a dedicated machine to package each unique item, Terri Ann Goninon (Snacks Manager at Youfoodz) looked to Emrich to provide ONE packaging solution that could really multitask.

Six months ago, the Emrich team supplied and set up a Pearl D3256 Flow Wrapper in the Youfoodz Snacks department. Since then they have since experienced a significant reduction in labour costs and unsellable product, due to the Flow Wrapper’s simple, one operator set up and manning.

“The Flow Wrapper can easily be changed from wrapping single or twin protein balls, to bars with or without cardboard inserts, to packing cookies in plastic cookie trays – all with simple setup and minimal changes to the pitch.” Explains Dean Gleeson, Business Development Manager at Emrich.

Extremely pleased with how the Flow Wrapper is performing, Terri Anne says “Youfoodz are constantly developing new products and the Emrich flow wrapper allows us to easily change the setup of the machine to accommodate new products.”

Packaging through the Pearl protects and keeps the product fresh, but is also visually appealing to the customer. While speed and efficiency are important in the fast paced delivered meal environment, this is never at the risk of product quality. Youfoodz invests many hours in meal development and use the highest quality ingredients in our meals and snacks, so we need the highest quality and performance from our packaging machinery. The Flow Wrapper delivers every time.” Says Terri Ann.

In the competitive delivered food market, customers who don’t receive an exceptional experience and delicious meal or snack have the option to cook a meal themselves, or worse – go to a competitor! Emrich understands that for clients, new packaging solutions is a considerable investment with huge implications for their bottom line, and this is not taken lightly. That’s why Dean and other Emrich staff spent time in the Youfoodz kitchen, talking with the Chefs and business team to be able to present the best possible machine and after-sale arrangement.

“At Youfoodz we are fastidious that our all our products arrive to the customer as fresh and appealing as they left our kitchen. The Flow Wrapper ensures that each and every product that is packaged through the machine maintains its integrity and freshness, which gives us an end product that not only maintains our high standards of food quality, but is visually appealing and professionally finished.” Terri Ann explains.

Emrich strives to deliver clever solutions that go above and beyond the client’s packaging brief. Any machine we recommend, install and provide support for becomes an integral working part of the client’s business – an extension of their team. It has to be the right fit.

“As our business grows, we will look to Emrich first for our future packaging solutions.” says Terri-Ann. We look forward to working alongside Youfoodz as they continue to grow and deliver fresh, healthy and delicious meals to more hungry Australians.

Watch the video of the Pearl in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oZHg7BAKbU

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