Schwob’s Swiss Bakery Australia P/L has been an institution around Melbourne for nearly 60 years and is known for their fine artisan bread and outstanding service. Schwob’s are one of Melbourne’s oldest premium bread bakers having been established back in 1954.

With accelerating production during a massive growth phase, Schwob’s have automated their packaging process with the installation of a new PFM Hurricane Servo flow-wrapper. Supplied by Emrich Industries, the Hurricane flow-wrapper is ensuring that Schwob’s can capitalise on a major expansion in its core wholesale market, which includes supermarkets, the food service sector and independent retailers. The high-speed Hurricane servo-controlled horizontal flow-wrapper, PFM’s most versatile machine, can achieve a maximum speed of 100 mechanical cycles per minute and crucially for Schwob’s, the Hurricane allows for a rapid product changeover time of just three minutes, assisted by 24 pre-programmed set-ups. Such adaptability also means the machine can be rapidly changed from wrapping a large bread loaf to an individual roll.

The Hurricane produces high quality packs that are sealed lengthwise and crosswise on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable packaging film, with or without support trays. It also provides advantages such as no product – no bag and misplaced product detection, eliminating film wastage and product damage. And whilst the PFM Hurricaneis ensuring that high volumes of daily throughput are consistently attained, Schwob’s Director, John Inman, was eager to emphasise another vital feature of the equipment. “Our markets’ expectations for fresh bakery products mean that we have to maintain the absolute maximum of uninterrupted production. The PFM Hurricane is superb for its reliability and robustness. Coupled with Emrich’s service and maintenance capabilities, we are very pleased to have invested in the PFM Hurricane,” he said.

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