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The PFM Zenith Form Fill seal machine is compact, and suitable for many types of packaging. The machine has a vertical form fill, and produces closed packets with three seals. The machine’s setup can be modified, depending on the needs of the seller.

The fill form seal machine is also capable of producing Steelo, or square-based packages with four side seals, besides the default three seals. The machine is highly flexible and versatile, as it can be used for packing a wide variety of products.

An easy-to-use LCD colour touch screen panel is one of the highlights of this fill form seal machine. The machine consists of a highly efficient motorised roller for pulling the film. Emrich’s PFM Zenith Form Fill Seal Machine has all the features to make it a packer’s favourite.

Features of PFM Zenith Fill Form Machine

The PFM Zenith Fill Form Machine has several features that make it a must buy. Some of these features are:

A high packaging speed: Our form fill seal machine available for sale, is capable of packing up to sixty packages in a minute. This is great for medium to large scale businesses with a high daily demand of products.

The fill form seal machine produces a uniform seal, which has an appropriate proportion with respect to the package size.

An easily-operable LCD colour touch screen panel makes this form fill seal machine a top seller.

The mechanical and electronic components of this fill form seal machine are protected from the external environment, thanks to robust construction material such as anticorodal Aluminium and AISI 304.

Call Emrich now to know more about its features, customer service and any other questions you have regarding the packaging of your products. Get in touch now to know if the form fill seal machine is available for sale.

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