For over 20 years Bakery Du Jour has established itself as one of the highest quality and most innovative patisseries of French pastries and breads in Australia. Proudly Australian Owned and Family Operated, Bakery Du Jour supplies its unique and innovative range of frozen, uncooked, par baked and frozen baked products to cold stores and distributors nationally.

Bakery Du Jour recently installed another complete packaging system from Emrich Industries. The PFM ZC1combines a Zenith bagger with the new PFM C1 multi-head weigher, which is mounted onto the machine. It is capable of running bags of up to 230mmx300mm in size and with a volume of four litres at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute.

“We needed a state-of-the-art bagging line that offered a high degree of flexibility and accuracy and is simple to use,” said Bakery Du Jour Managing Director, Fernando Gaspar.

The absence of a gantry reduces the machine’s cost and footprint and also reduces the height, which improves handling of delicate goods. “Space restraints were a particular issue for us and the PFM ZC1 saved a good metre in height over other systems we had seen” Mr Gaspar added.

After an extensive evaluation process Bakery Du Jour elected to purchase equipment from Emrich Industries. Emrich was able to provide an integrated solution for both the bagging and the weighing element of a new operation.

Mr Gaspar commented, “The machines are expected to provide reliable service and show excellent production speed. Solid construction and good product support from the Emrich team were key in making the decision for the purchase. I took my product to the Emrich factory for evaluation and Chris Johnson actually had it running perfectly through the machine in no time!”

Mr Gaspar is particularly happy with Emrich Industries’ support. “The thing that really impressed me was the follow-up service. They didn’t just leave the machine here and forget about it. If we needed anything, they were very quick to respond.”

“We have bought several packaging machines from Emrich and their technical team are always extremely helpful. The fact that Emrich hold machines in stock has enabled us to meet new contract requirements very quickly.”

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