Emrich’s PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper machine helps produce packages in pillow-pack styles with the help of a flat reel. The machine facilitates packaging with the help of heat as well as cold sealing. The machine is ideal for preserving food items that can also be exported without damage.

PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper has an axis motion controller and brushless servomotors. The machine doesn’t have mechanical drives and the electrical panel is isolated from the outside environment to avoid any damage. Despite the machine being highly dynamic, the design is sturdy and easy to manage.

Emrich’s PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper has a user-friendly control software with a colour touch screen, which is easy to operate even for new users. Frequently-used machine parameters can be saved, and modified whenever needed. The sealing temperature can also be easily controlled and set with the help of the touch screen.

PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper Features

Besides the qualities mentioned above, PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper has many features that make it a hit among packaging machines. Some of the best features of this machine are:

High speed: A speed of up to 120 cycles per minute.

Flexibility: Besides food items, the machine is also adept at packaging non-food products.

Easy maintenance: The well-designed polymer moulded components help prevent dust traps and facilitate product maintenance.

Each set of rollers has individual functions: The PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper has a fin assembly, containing three sets of rollers. The function of the first roller is to pull the film, while the second roller is used for sealing and the third is used for folding.

Emrich’s PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper is renowned for its flexibility, versatility and ease of usage. Take your packaging to the next level with this multipurpose machine.

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