PFM hurricane servo flow wrapper is a great machine for all your packaging needs. Whether you sell food or any other items that require packaging, this machine is a must-buy as it produced close packs with sealed edges, with the help of heat-sealing.

PFM hurricane servo flow wrapper has a horizontal belt with a 3-axis servo drive. The machine has a colour touch screen to simplify operation. The three sets of wheels facilitate longitudinal sealing. While the first wheel draws the wrapping material, the second one seals the material that needs to be packed.

The PFM hurricane servo flow wrapper also has an adjustable folding box. This helps you cater to a wider variety of products as all product types can be easily sealed and packaged. The machine is a bestseller among small and medium manufacturers, as well as large businesses.

PFM hurricane flow wrapper’s horizontal machinery has four individual heater controls. Some of the features of the product are:

An operating speed of up to 80 packs or more per minute.

A 1.5-meter conveyor belt, for manual loading of the product.

Body fully made of stainless steel, parts fully made of stainless steel or food quality plastic.

Strong packaging with zero leakage and crease free seals.

PFM Hurricane Servo Flow Wrapper Variants

The PFM hurricane servo flow wrapper machine is available in two variants, as follows:

3 servo motors: This version has the capacity to produce a sealing width of 250 mm, and has a dedicated axis motion controller, programming menu and control panel with touch screen.

Extra wide servo version: This version of the PFM hurricane servo flow wrapper machine is very flexible, with a capacity to produce extra-large packs with sealing as wide as 350 mm.


A horizontal flow wrapper, like the PFM Hurricane Servo Flow Wrapper, efficiently packages products in a horizontal orientation. It wraps items with film as they move along a conveyor, creating a sealed package. This type of wrapper is known for its precision and speed, making it ideal for a wide range of products, especially in the food industry. The horizontal flow process ensures a continuous operation, allowing for high production rates and consistent packaging quality.
Vertical flow and horizontal flow are two different packaging approaches. Vertical flow involves products being dropped into packaging material from above, then sealed – typically used for loose, granular, or powdered products. Horizontal flow, utilised by machines like the PFM Hurricane Servo Flow Wrapper, involves products moving along a conveyor and being wrapped in film, suitable for solid, individual items. Each method caters to specific packaging needs based on the nature of the product.
The main difference between vertical and horizontal packaging lies in their application and product handling. Vertical packaging, used for items like chips or coffee, drops the product into a bag for sealing. Horizontal packaging, seen in products like candy bars or biscuits, involves wrapping the product in film as it moves horizontally. The choice between the two depends on the product type, with horizontal packaging often being more suitable for individual, solid items.
Vertical flow in packaging systems drops products into a bag from above. Then, it seals it, typically used for loose, granular, or powdered items. Horizontal flow, on the other hand, involves products moving along a conveyor and being wrapped in film, suitable for individual, solid items. Each flow type is designed for specific product characteristics, with horizontal flow often providing a more uniform and secure packaging for solid products.
Vertical laminar flow is often considered better than horizontal in certain applications due to its directional airflow. It directs particles and potential contaminants downwards, away from the product, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This is particularly important in environments that require high cleanliness levels, such as pharmaceutical or food processing facilities, where maintaining a contaminant-free space is crucial for product integrity and safety.
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