Pepe’s Pastizzi’s is proudly Australian owned and has been operating in Australia for over 25 years. All of their Pastizzi’s (light and flaky handmade filo pastry wrapped around a variety of delicious fillings) are handmade daily on their premises to the highest standards, using traditional, authentic Maltese recipes handed down by the families over many generations.

With Pepe’s consistent growth resulting in the design of a whole new range of exciting packaging, the unreliability of their existing wrapper and the poor service from the supplier was causing serious headaches. The company quickly turned to Mark Sutton, Emrich Industries’ Technical Consultant, for expert advice.

Mark’s visit resulted in Domenic Mastrip purchasing a new PFM Hurricane Servo “Extra Wide” Flow Wrapper. Says Domenic, “Dealing with Mark through the entire process made things much easier. He understands our business and what we need to achieve with our packaging. Mark recommended the PFM Hurricane as the best fit for our needs. Emrich’s price was extremely competitive and the Hurricane can do a lot more for us in terms of bag sizes and flexibility of operation.”

James Manafas from Pepe’s says, “We really appreciated Mark’s honesty from day one and his passion and integrity for both his role and Emrich’s. We really can’t thank Mark enough for his professional advice.”

Alastair Sloan, General Manager of Emrich Industries, credits the project’s success with the company’s efforts to always provide the best before and after support possible. Says Alastair, “It has always been Emrich’s credo to value-add through all facets of our relationship with our customers. As a team, this is our fundamental goal.”

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