Compact, robust and reliable: these adjectives find the right union in the packaging machine PENTA 2200, having the catchy design of the most traditional made in Italy.

The perfection of the laser cutting has given to our firm’s Baby Queen a smooth, ergonomic line, easy to inspect and to sanitize. Equipped with Brushless motors and drivers mad by Schneider Telemecanique for high capacity productions, it is available also in the pneumatic version with SMC components. The classic matching is with YAMATO multihead weighers or with cups and auger fillers made by PENTAVAC. There’s no lack of exclusives auger weighers and linear weighers with conveyors or vibrating channels.

The picture is completed by the volumetric piston fillers for liquid products, as well as automatic counting device for frozen products like croquettes. PENTA 2200TC Inox is completely jet washable, suitable for harsh products and working environments, and it is designed also for the ones who want a surplus value for their machine which makes it unalterable in the course of time.

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