End-load cartoners can be used for primary or secondary packaging purposes. They create a carton, load it with the product/s and then seal the carton ready for delivery efficiently and safely. Supplied by leading packaging equipment manufacturer ADCO (USA), Emrich’s range of ADCO end-load cartoners make it easy to package products into cartons horizontally or vertically. Internationally renowned for their innovation and quality, ADCO’s products are the result of over fifty years’ specialist experience in packaging equipment manufacturing. Emrich’s great range of ADCO End-Load cartoners include entry-level machines through to the more complex high speed, servo-driven cartoners incorporating sophisticated inbuilt diagnostic tools and screen controls. With over thirty years’ experience in supplying quality packaging equipment, we can design, recommend and install an end-load cartoner that perfectly suits the needs of your business and products. Our talented and responsive team of service engineers will keep your machine operating seamlessly via expert maintenance and technical support.

Contact us today to discover how our End-Load Cartoners can improve your business’ output and efficiency.

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