End-load cartoners are packaging machines that automatically erect a carton, fill it with goods and seal it. Emrich’s range of ADCO end-load cartoners are the standout choice for packaging products into cartons horizontally or vertically. Developed by US company ADCO, each end-load cartoner incorporates a variety of innovative features that draw on more than fifty years’ specialist experience in the field. ADCO’s products are highly regarded worldwide, and our range includes entry-level cartoners through to high speed, servo-driven cartoners with a variety of touch screen controls and inbuilt diagnostic tools. Our team of skilled engineers can design, recommend and install an end-load cartoner that’s tailored to your specific requirements. We’ll also keep it running at optimum capacity through our expert maintenance and technical support.

For end-load cartoners that help your business improve efficiency and safety, review our complete range or contact us today to learn more.

Superior Quality End Load Cartoner

Are you looking for an easy-to-use end load carton machine that correctly fits your requirements?

We at Emrich can provide you with an ideal end load cartoner that is not only fast but is also designed for high-performance and yield. For more than three decades, Emrich has a proven track of exemplary services, supplying highly-quality and innovative packaging equipment across Australia.

At Emrich, our goal is to connect you with a team of excellent technicians who can provide effective end load cartoning solutions suited to your business requirements and budget. Our end load cartoner machines are suitable for both small and large-scale productions.

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Where can end load cartoners be used?

End load cartoner is a secondary packaging machine which can be used for packaging of pre-packaged products of all sizes and shapes like:

  • Packaged water bottles, soda cans, biscuits, rice, wafers, confectionery, etc.
  • Packed jars, toys, toothbrush, stationery, etc.,
  • Packaged medical supplies like disposable needles, medicines, cannula, etc.,
  • Cosmetics packs like face wipes, lotion bottles, makeup items, etc.

What happens inside an end load carton machine?

  • The flat carton is folded properly and erected for the correct loading position.
  • The packaged products are loaded in correct numbers and in the right position inside the carton.
  • The top flap of the carton is sealed and secured.
  • The packed carton is discharged out from the machine.

If you want to know more about end load carton packaging, do not hesitate to call us.

What end load carton machines do we offer?

Emrich is a leading supplier of the highly-efficient and reliable range of end load cartoners from the renowned US manufacturing company, ADCO.

ADCO is famous for the designing and manufacture of state-of-the-art carton machines that are ideal for applications in all types of industries. We provide hand load as well as auto load ADCO end load cartoners that come in automatic or semi-automatic versions.

Get in touch with us to review our list of exclusive ADCO end load carton machines.

What are the special features of the end load cartoners we offer?

  • Made of stainless steel, hence, highly-durable, and safe for use.
  • Servo-powered cartoners for maximum efficiency.
  • In-built diagnostics tools and touch-screen controls.
  • Comes in standard as well as washdown configurations.
  • Ergonomic, portable, and compact design to carry out all three functions, viz., erecting, loading, and sealing of cartons.
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal cartoning.
  • High-speed production per minute.
  • Fast configuration changes for reduced downtime.
  • Easily customisable to package multi-pack products of different sizes and quantities.
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Why choose end load cartoner machines from Emrich?

Our expert technicians not only help you in the commissioning of your end load cartoner but also provide after-sales repair and maintenance. Our technical support team is always available to quickly solve all your problems. All our end load carton machines come with a 12-year warranty, and we ensure genuine replacement parts are readily available. Our prices are competitive, and we provide a wide range of customizations.

Call us today to discuss your end load cartoner needs, and we will provide you with the best solution!


An end load carton machine is a sophisticated packaging system designed to automate the process of cartoning. It erects cartons, loads products, and seals them efficiently. This machine operates by picking up a flat carton, forming it into a box shape, inserting products from the end, and then closing the carton. It's well-suited for various products, offering precision and speed in the packaging process.
End load carton machines are adaptable and can package a wide range of goods, including household goods, medications, frozen dinners, snacks, and cereals, as well as food items like soaps and cosmetics. Their adaptability makes them suitable for products that require secure and neat packaging.
There are several variations of end load carton machines designed to meet diverse packaging needs. These include fully automatic and semi-automatic models, each offering different levels of speed and automation. The choice of machine depends on the certain specific requirements of the production line, such as speed, size, and type of product being packaged.
End load carton machines differ from other cartoning machines mainly in how they insert products into cartons. Unlike top-loading machines, they load products from the end, which can be more efficient for certain types of products and packaging designs. They are also known for their high-speed operation and ability to handle a variety of carton sizes and styles.
Yes, end load carton machines are designed to handle a variety of carton sizes and styles. They offer flexibility in packaging, allowing for quick adjustments to accommodate different product dimensions. This adaptability is essential for businesses that package a diverse range of products.
End load carton machines are widely used in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and household products. They are a well-liked option for companies searching for dependable and adaptable packaging solutions because of their capacity to package a variety of product types well.
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